Permaculture-Fünfliber: Your contribution for a sustainable land management, fit for future.

(Fünfliber means CHF 5.- in Swiss German)

Since 2011, we have established the Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp. Today, Schweibenalp cannot be imagined without permaculture. The scent of the herbs, the delicious salads, the plant sales or the humming of “our” bees delight our senses on every level. As a part of Center of Unity Schweibenalp, the permaculture project contributes to food supply for guests and community members. We also offer our products on markets, in several shops and in our in-house shop. In our permaculture education center we share knowledge about permaculture as an extensive design approach and as a holistic, integral philosophy of life.

With a lot of love and dedication we explore what future agriculture might look like and make a contribution to a sustainable coexistence of human beings, plants and animals.

For further existence and prospering, our permaculture relies on financial support. From March 2017 onwards, a solidarity surcharge of CHF 5.- will be found on your invoice. This contribution is optional. We hope you will support our work with it. It could be your best invested Fünfliber.

For interested guests and visitors we have a permaculture educational trail. In the permaculture-infobox in front of the dining room, you will find a map and further information about the project. For any further questions you can contact the reception, the permaculture team or receive information on a guided permaculture tour. Thank you!

Your best invested Fünfliber

In the city, a Café Creme costs around CHF 5.- With the same amount of money you can contribute a lot on Schweibenalp. Each one of the five Franken is well used.

Franken #1: You support the preservation and fostering of biodiversity.

Alpine permaculture is following the 12 permaculture design principles of David Holmgreen, a companion of Bill Mollison, founder of permaculture. The enhancement of biodiversity in the soil, on the ground and in the air is a natural consequence of it.

Franken #2: You support a mindful, aware and resource-conserving treatment of Mother Earth and all her creatures.

The three core tenets of Bill Mollison`s permaculture are very important to us.

  • Care for the earth
  • Care for the people
  • Faire share: each of us should take no more than what we need before we reinvest the surplus.

Franken #3: You support vivid social permaculture.

The permaculture team works and lives in community, cooperatively and consensoriented. Everyone is equally entitled, has equal rights. In joint work of volunteers and community members we manage labor-intensive tasks.

Franken #4: You support innovative ways  of land management practice, education and research.

In the Alpine Permaculture we explore new fertility methods in cultivation. We collaborate with universities and colleges and provide a research platform for students. In our permaculture education center you can attend specialized courses and education, which inspire people from all backgrounds.

Franken #5: You support progression and further development of the different areas of Alpine Permaculture by enabling us to carry out our satisfying tasks for a fair wage needed for subsistence.

As there are:

  • The vegetable garden and the mushroom garden, the berries and the orchard – for partial self-sufficiency and self-catering to community and guests with energetic and healthy food
  • The apiculture – we practice mindful beekeeping appropriate to the species, and help to preserve and sustain honeybees, so future generations can still harvest seeds, fruits and vegetables.
  • The herb processing – refinement and marketing of the high-quality products, manufactured by loving hands.
  • The perennial nursery – so we can keep on offering resistant, strong plants from sustainable cultivation. As well as extending and consolidating our market presence.
  • The seed garden – heart of every garden are energetic, vital seeds. The seed department is very important for preservation of genetic diversity of crop plants such as vegetables and herbs.
  • The permacultural landscape management – a sustainable, biodiversity-stimulating cultivation of our berry garden, our orchard and of the whole terrain in accordance with the principles of permaculture.
  • The permaculture education center – so we can keep on offering inspiring courses and education to our many seminar guests.

Thank you for supporting our project, the Alpine Permaculture Schweibenalp, with your Fünfliber!

Alpine Permakultur Schweibenalp